Rules and Regulations of the Paso Fino Association Europe e.V.

1. Responsibilities of the PFAE Board of Directors (BOD)

The BOD is the management board of the PFAE. Beyond the main responsibilities and obligations described in the following, each board member agrees to assume responsibilities which do not directly fall within his/her resort and which are passed on to him/her by the BOD. Each member of the board must compile a report about his/her special resort to be imparted annually at the Annual Membership Meeting (AGM).

2. The Chairperson of the BOD (President) is responsible for all duties and responsibilities assigned to him/her by the bylaws of the association. He/ she is the judicial and extrajudicial representatives of the association. He is authorized to represent the PFAE. He/she is working closely together with all other members of the BOD.

3. The Second Chairperson of the BOD (Vice-President) is authorized to represent the association only if the 1st Chairperson is unavailable or has given written permission. He/she is working closely together with all other members of the BOD.

4. The Show Secretary is responsible for:
– Giving advice to all members with regards to show (sports) issues
– Organisation of clinics
– Defining and revising the show rules in close cooperation with the show committee whose members and duties are further defined in chapter 9.
– Organisation of show events
– Administration and management of show relevant registers (high point register, pasos for pleasure etc.).
– Administration and management of the European Paso Fino data pool

5. The PFAE Secretary is responsible for:
– Administration and management of the PFAE office
– Taking minutes ad BOD meetings and at AGMs
– Membership administration
– Cooperating with the PR Secretary regarding all PR matters
– Central contact person for all enquiries regarding the Paso Fino inclusive mail out of information material
– Forwarding request and enquiries to breeders and/or the PFAE resorts

 6. The Treasurer is responsible for:
– Administration, management and control of all PFAE bank accounts and accounts, including foreign bank accounts. The treasurer is responsible for collecting the membership fees, issuing invoices, collecting and checking entry fees and show/ event expenditures in cooperation with the respective BOD secretaries. The treasurer should also compile financial statements after each show/ event hosted by the PFAE in cooperation with the PFAE secretary and the show secretary.
– Development of the annual budget
– Development of a yearly financial statement and, upon approval of the BOD, assigning a tax accountant with the filing the annual tax return.

 7. The PR Secretary is responsible for:
– Cooperation and contact with the media
– Organisation and management of all internal PFAE communications (e-Mail newsletter etc.)
– Defining suitable concepts and press releases, reports to increase the awareness of the PFAE and its services in the media
– Contact and assistance regarding PFAE ad campaigns (advertising farms and(or horses for sale in the respective print media in combination with PFAE press releases)

8. The Breeding Secretary is responsible for:
– Giving advice to members on all matters regarding the breeding and keeping of Paso Finos, Trochadores (y Galoperos) and Trotones Galoperos
– Development and review of breeding rules (ZO) in close cooperation with the show committee whose members and duties are further defined in chapter 9
– Cooperation and contact with other breeders’ associations who service Paso Finos, Trochadores (y Galoperos) and Trotones Galoperos
– Organisation of breeding shows/ classes as well as breeders’ meetings and clinics
– Supporting members with regards to the registration of Paso Finos via the PFHA, the Bavarian Breeders’ Association for Special Breeds as well as other regional breeders’ associations
– Administration and management of the PFAE Fino Futurity program
– Administration and management of various overviews of stallions, offspring as well as PFAE breeders

9. Committees

Committees may be installed to support the individual BOD remits. Permanent committees are the show committee and the breeding committee who meet when necessary. The show as well as the breeding committee consists of 4 PFAE members each as well as the regional delegate of regions with more than 20 members. The committees are headed by the respective secretary who serves as the chairperson of the committee. The members of the show or breeding committee are nominated by the respective committee and are confirmed by the BOD. Any full PFAE member can apply to the
committee for serving in the committee, except if important reasons disqualify the member from working in the committee (underage, suspended member, falling behind paying association dues and fees).

The show committee is responsible for all issues relating to competition and the show rules. In due time before the AGM the show committee will review and, if necessary, adapt the show rules. The show committee shall post all rule change proposals in the official PFAE publication (e-Mail Newsletter) no later than the edition of the month proceeding the month that contains the date of the Annual Membership Meeting during which the membership will vote on the proposed changes. Passage of rule change proposals will be by simple majority.

The breeding committee is responsible for all issues relating to the breeding of Paso Finos inclusive reviewing and, if necessary, adapting the breeding rules. The breeding committee shall post all rule change proposals in the official PFAE publication (e-Mail Newsletter) no later than the edition of the month proceeding the month that contains the date of the Annual Membership Meeting during which the membership will vote on the proposed changes. Passage of rule change proposals will be by simple majority.

10. Regional Delegates:

To represent the interests of the PFAE in the single European countries in which the PFAE has at least 20 members, regional delegates are nominated by the BOD and confirmed by the AGM. Upon application to the PFAE BOD, each regional group may install a regional BOD who will assume the responsibilities and duties of the regional delegate. These responsibilities and duties are:

– Regular exchange of information with the PFAE BOD, inclusive exchange of agendas and minutes of board meetings.

– Membership administration (information, events, contact etc.) based on the membership list. The regional delegate/ regional BOD must send the PFAE secretary an updated membership list including name, address and complete data of the single members by the 15th of September each year. Changes in the regional membership list (new members, cancellation of membership, change of address) during the business year must be directly reported to the PFAE secretary in writing. The regional delegate/ regional board must also make sure that membership fees and other dues are paid in time. If a member fails to pay his/her membership fee in time, the regional delegate/ regional board must send a reminder. If there is no reaction to the reminder, a second reminder must be sent to the member in arrears with his/her payments. If there is no reaction to the second reminder, the regional delegate/ regional board must notify the PFAE BOD immediately. Furthermore, the regional delegate/ regional BOD is obliged to immediately send the following information to the PFAE secretary and the respective PFAE board member:

– Changes in the regional number, status of the Paso Fino population (imports, exports, death of a horse, castrations, name changes etc.)
– New foals
– Transfer of ownership

– Installation of a regional bank account and collecting membership fees of the regional members by December 1st of the business year. Transfer of the regional membership fees to the PFAE account by 1st January of the business year. A quarterly financial report including the current regional account status should be sent to the PFAE Treasurer. Beside the current regional account status this report should contain an updated cash journal stating all payments-in and payments-out (stating the amount as well as the payer or recipient of the payment and the purpose of the payment).

– Developing an annual plan of regional activities as well as a budget in due time before the AGM.

– Gaining new members

– Attending at least two PFAE BOD meetings, one of them immediately before the AGM to define the budget fort he upcoming business year.

– Report about the regional Paso Fino scene and activities at the AGM.

– Organisation of respectively participation in regional events (e.g. equine fairs, exhibitions, shows etc.) to increase the awareness of the Paso Fino and to gain new aficionados fort he breed.

– If a member continues to be in arrear with his/her payments to the association despite having been sent two written reminders by the treasurer, the member will be immediately suspended until he/ she meets his/her financial obligations.

– Sending the show secretary all relevant data in writing in time (application to organise a PFAE event 6 weeks prior to the event is taking place; starter lists, show results – the latter within 2 weeks after the end of the show) to assure acceptance of the show points into the High Point, paso for pleasure record. If the respective information is not received within the time limit, show points will not be granted.

– Publications in the most important equine media of the region to increase the awareness of the Paso Fino.

– Developing a list with the most important equine fairs and shows in the region as well as trying to get involved in the respective events.

– Sending the PFAE secretary/ PR secretary regular information and reports (incl. pictures) to be published in BRIO magazine/ in the internet/ in the newsletter. If there is enough material each region will be entitled to their own regional page(s) in BRIO magazine.

– Each regional group may use 50% of the annual regional membership fees for regional Paso Fino events and activities upon written application to the BOD stating the purpose for which the money is intended. If the region should need further sponsoring for regional events, the region needs to send a written application to the BOD stating the amount needed as well as the purpose of the sponsoring. Sponsoring applications for events (shows, trailrides, attending equine fairs etc..) must be send in accordance with chapter 1.1 of the show rules at least 6 weeks prior to the event together with a respective show invitation or concept. The PFAE BOD may refuse applications upon stating precise reasons for refusing sponsorship in writing.

11. Members who have cancelled their membership or have been excluded due to being in arrears with payments to the PFAE, may renew their PFAE membership at paying the regular membership fees for two years in advance. Members who have been suspended and excluded from the association based on violations stated in chapter 4.4 to 4.6 of the bylaws of the PFAE cannot renew their membership.

12. Members who join the association mid year will only have to pay 50% of the annual membership fee for the remaining year.

13. Aficionados (members who do not own a Paso Fino horse), students, retired and handicapped people pay half of the regular membership fee.

14. Code of Ethics

In every situation, the welfare of the breed shall be paramount over all other considerations. The best interest of the Paso Fino horse must be the only criterion in all actions and decisions of all owners, breeders, exhibitors, trainers, members and officials of the association.

– Fair Dealings Concerning Horses: Owners, breeders or their agents shall not make, upon threat of suspension, false or misleading statements or advertisements concerning Paso Fino horses offered for sale or breeding. They shall always be fair and honest in all dealings and shall always make full disclosure about any horse under their care or ownership.

– No Degradation of Other Horses: A breeder or owner of Paso Fino horses shall not degrade the horse of another breeder or owner.

– PFAE Not Responsible for Civil Disputes: The association will not be responsible for settling any civil dispute involving a horse.

– Providing Truthful Information: All information furnished to the association as a basis for any action by the association shall be true and correct. This includes, but is not limited to registration applications, show entries and all information in regard to association investigation of third parties.

– Unsportsmanlike Conduct: When an exhibitor, owner or trainer is guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct, such person is subject to disciplinary action by the PFAE, including but not limited to, fines or suspensions.

a) Penalties/ supension of members

Every member and every nonmember who violates in any manner the bylaws or rules of the association, whose practices in the breeding of Paso Fino horses or in supplying information for the association’s records are not in compliance with these rules, whose conduct has endangered the good order, welfare or credit of the Association, or who is convicted for cruelty to animals, upon submission of certified evidence of such conviction from any court, may by action of the PFAE BOD, be censured, suspended or, in the case of a member, expelled from membership in the association and denied all privileges of the association in accordance with the current PFAE rules.

Any member may be suspended and denied privileges of the association, and any nonmember may be denied the privileges of the association by the PFAE BOD, for the failure to pay when due any obligation owing the association. A second offense within three (3) years of the first offense shall result in a fine, to be set by the Board of Directors, in addition to all fees due.

Thirty days before action by the BOD, written notice of the account due and the intention to suspend or withhold privileges of the association shall be mailed by certified mail to such member or nonmember. When a suspension is based upon nonpayment of fees, all members of a family membership shall be placed on suspension. Suspensions based upon other violations of the rules shall apply only to the offending member.

Upon suspension by the BOD, the name of suspended member shall be published in the next available issue of the association’s official publication, BRIO, from date of suspension. Any suspension and denial of privileges of the association under this section shall terminate upon full payment of the obligation due the association.

b) Fraudulent Practices

Practices deemed fraudulent by the association and other restrictions are described below.

– Misrepresentation Concerning Certificate of Registration.

– No person, firm or corporation shall issue, sell, exchange, give away or receive any false or fraudulent certificate representing same to be a genuine official certificate issued by a breeder’s association acknowledged by the PFAE (e.g. PFHA).

– Improper Use of Registered Name. No person shall advertise or enter in any Paso Fino horse event or competition, any horse registered with a breeder’s association acknowledged by the PFAE by a name other than that by which it is registered.

– Alteration of Certificate of Registration. No change in or alteration of a certificate of registration or identification required by a breeder’s association acknowledged by the PFAE shall be made except by a breeder’s association acknowledged by the PFAE upon proper showing of the necessity for such change or alteration by reason of change in color or markings or mistake or similar reason.

– Alteration of Horse. No person shall alter in any way the natural markings of a horse, by surgery, dye or in any other manner.

– Misrepresentation Concerning Identity of Horse. A person shall not represent that a horse is the horse for which a certificate of registration was issued if, in fact, the horse so represented is not the actual horse for which the certificate was issued.

– No Complaint About Show Veterinarian. No complaint may be filed as the result of a determination made by the official show veterinarian that a certain horse should not be permitted to participate in a particular class or the entire respective show due to a physical condition of said horse.

– No Complaint About Judge’s Placement. No complaint may be filed as the result of a judge’s decision relating to the numerical placement of a certain horse in the particular show at which said judge is officiating, unless such protest clearly alleges that the Judge’s decision was in violation of the rules.

c) Disciplinary Procedures

– Potential Penalties for Violations. Any member may be disciplined, suspended, fined, censured or expelled from the association, and any member or nonmember may be denied any and all privileges of the association whenever it shall have been established by satisfactory evidence that such member or nonmember has violated any rule or written policy of the association.

– Complaint/ Hearing. Any person who believes that any other person has violated any rule of the association may file a complaint to that effect with the BOD of the association. In order for a complaint, other than one which can be verified by credible testing to be considered for investigation, it must be in writing, signed and dated. The individual(s) making the complaint must be prepared for full disclosure of the complaint to the party(ies) concerned in the complaint and must be prepared to appear at a hearing if it is deemed necessary. The BOD shall investigate any complaint and determine if sufficient cause exists to convene a hearing before the BOD. For this purpose, sufficient cause exists if the investigation shows a significant likelihood that a violation of a rule occurred.

When it is determined that there is sufficient cause for a hearing, the BOD shall give to all the parties charged with any alleged violation at least 30-days written notice of the date, time and place of said hearing. A copy of the complaint shall be included with the notice mailed to each person named as an alleged violator therein.

The parties aforesaid shall have the right to appear at such hearing and produce witnesses and other relevant evidence on their behalf. The BOD shall have the right to hear and examine witnesses and other relevant evidence relating to the complaint for the purpose of making a complete determination of the issues.

The chairman of the association shall have the authority to schedule a disciplinary hearing when he/she determines there is sufficient cause for a hearing. Additionally, a disciplinary hearing shall be held if it is requested by two (2) members of the BOD. Fifty-one percent (51%) of the members of the BOD shall constitute a quorum for purposes of a disciplinary hearing.

A continuance of the hearing date may be granted if requested in writing at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing and good cause is shown. A continuance shall be granted or denied at the sole discretion of the BOD.

In the event the person or persons alleged to have violated a rule or written policy of the association fails to appear at the scheduled hearing or fails to file a notarized statement of the evidence regarding the alleged violation, a copy of the hearing notice and the date of mailing thereof shall be entered in the record of the proceedings, and the BOD shall then have the right to conduct said hearing and make a final determination of the issues.

The BOD will decide if a violation of these rules occurred. In regard to any violation of these rules, as a part of its disciplinary action, the BOD may revoke participation privileges in all association approved events for determined or indefinite period and/or assess a fine. The decision and disciplinary action of the BOD shall be final and binding on all parties. The BOD shall document its decision and forward a copy of its decision to the respective parties involved in said hearing within 15 days after the conclusion of the particular hearing.

d) Effect of Suspension or Denial of Privileges

On or after such time as any person has been suspended or denied further Association privileges, the following restrictions shall apply.

– Person May Not Participate in Events. That person shall not participate and shall be ineligible to participate in any PFAE approved event. Nor shall such person be eligible to hold any other association accreditation.

– Restrictions on Registration and Transfers. That person or spouse or minor child shall not register any horse via the PFAE or transfer registered horses into his or her name or that of his or her spouse, child or business in which the person is an owner.

– Horses May Not Participate in Events. No horse which is registered in the name of such person or spouse is eligible to participate in any event approved or recognized by the association.
– Advertising Restrictions. No person on suspension or that person’s spouse may advertise in BRIO or any other association advertising during the period of his suspension, nor may that person’s name, or that of his/her spouse appear in any advertisements of the PFAE during the period of suspension.

– Additional Violations During Suspension. During the period of suspension or denial of association privileges, failure to comply with these restrictions, and any other express conditions or restrictions of said disciplinary action, may constitute grounds for further disciplinary action.