Paso Fino – the ideal trail horse

Prospective horse owners today require a horse for life with, most importantly, a good temperament. The horse must be safe to ride out hacking and be able to negotiate all types of obstacles and all types of terrain. The Paso Fino fits this description perfectly, as this breed is noted for its smoothness of gait, exceptional willingness and quick reaction, making them very enjoyable to ride, so that many relaxing hours may be spent in the saddle without discomfort.

The PFAE offers and supports many opportunities for the Paso Fino riders to meet up with like- minded enthusiasts, such as mounted orienteering, pleasure rides, ”fun” shows, endurance riding, displays and clinics with professional trainers, some of whom travel to Europe from the USA and specialize in Paso Finos.

Paso Finos and their owners and riders are encouraged to participate in any of these events regardless of ability. Our main goal is to enjoy our wonderful horses, and have fun! Check out future events on this website under the “Events” section and join in with your Paso Fino! You will be most welcome, the more the merrier!

Ground work

The majority of Paso Finos are started by Natural Horsemanship methods and many owners continue using various Natural Horsemanship techniques such as liberty training and clicker training or even airs above the ground if you’re inclined to go the extra length.

For horse lovers who enjoy groundwork they make great partners as they are enthusiastic (we call it “Brio”), quick and eager to learn, respond well to praise, and are attentive, reacting to the slightest of commands. Paso Finos are extremely versatile, and are said to be the smoothest ride in the world!

Once ridden you will be smitten!