Paso Fino Breeding

The PFAE and its breeders endeavour to come as close as possible to the breed’s defined standard. A good quality breeding stock, either imported from the US or bred and raised in Europe offers the best foundation for this aim.

In 2006 the PFAE has introduced a quality test for Paso Fino mares and stallions called Quality of Sire/Dam. This test evaluates horses for their quality as breeding stock. The test combines an under saddle presentation judging the animal’s performance and ability as a riding horse inclusive the unique Paso Fino gait as well as an in-hand evaluation on conformation and character. Only certified Paso Fino judges from the USA are qualified to judge this breeding class. The results including the single scores are published on our homepage. Therefore we assure absolute transparency about the quality of the evaluated dam and sire.

It is our aim to produce sound, versatile, naturally gaited horses with an impeccable character who are easy to ride. Horses that last a lifetime and are a pleasure to ride for those who love to go out on the trails as well as for the ambitious show rider looking for a flashy mount.

We are pleased about the fact that the Paso Fino with his fascinating characteristics and great versatility has won so many friends in Europe. This fact is well reflected by the increasing number of horses in general and the growing number of offspring born each year in particular.

On the following pages you will find Paso Fino sires registered with the PFAE who are available to mares across Europe, offspring as well as a list with current PFAE Paso Fino breeders. In addition you can download forms and information regarding breeding, transfers and registrations.